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Over 50 Years of Service

Our firm has deep roots in Ware County and the surrounding areas, where we have represented individuals and families since 1963.  We feel it is a privilege to provide high quality legal representation to those who need help moving past very difficult circumstances, and look forward to continuing our work for many years to come.  Below are some important milestones in our law firm’s history:

  • In 1963, Lamar Gibson and Baker McGee opened Gibson & McGee at 117 Albany Avenue.
  • Clarence Blount became a partner of the firm in 1965 and the name changed to Gibson, McGee & Blount.
  • In 1978, Steve Jackson joined the firm as a partner.  Both he and Clarence Blount would become Superior Court Judges in our Circuit.
  • Andy Spivey joined the firm as a partner in 1994 and the firm name changed to Gibson & Spivey, P.C.  Andy now serves as a Superior Court Judge in our Circuit.
  • In 1997, Doug Gibson was elected State Court Judge.
  • The current firm name, Gibson & Associates, P.C., was adopted in 2004.
  • Attorney Addie Gibson joined the firm in 2013.